This blog is about web-focused software development with a hint of business, design, and tiny perfect details.

I’m Kimmo and I’ve been in the industry for nearly ten years: consulting enterprises, doing product development in different startups, and managing a webshop I co-founded.

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AST-based refactoring with ts-morph

Mass-refactoring TypeScript code using ts-morph. The AST-based code transformation makes it quick to refactor even the largest codebases.

  • typescript
  • ast
  • ts-morph
  • refactoring
5 mins
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Building an e-ink weather display for our home

Building a battery powered e-ink weather forecast display for our home. This was a fun Raspberry Pi project.

  • eink
  • raspberrypi
  • hardware
8 mins
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Advanced TypeScript: The ultimate Tailwind typings

Making the ultimate TypeScript typings for Tailwind class names in a React project.

  • typescript
  • tailwind
  • types
  • advanced
  • react
23 mins
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